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Kent Williams kent2 at optusnet.com.au
Sat Aug 16 11:47:06 EDT 2003

I too would be extremely interested to see some form of Home automation
integrated into Myth. I have only recently stumbled across Myth and hope
to get it installed over the next few days.
As far as equipment to interface to, the Clipsal CBus
(http://www.clipsal.com/cis/literature.php3) gear is fairly successful
over here in .au and I'd love to work on some sort of interface to it;
however my skills are more focus towards the hardware side of things.

Another piece of software that would be interesting to interface with
Myth is the Asterisk PBX (http://www.asterisk.org). Features such as
callerid info popping up on the screen when a call comes in, or an
interface to check voice mail (there is currently support for a basic
web voicemail), or calls to be diverted to voice mail when watching a
movie, etc.


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> I too am interested in Home automation.
> I have been planning to build a Myth box so that I can some how
> incorporate
> Home Automation as a plug-in.
> I am an experience C/C++ programmer, with limited spare time.  But I
> very
> interested in MythTv and home automation.  I believe that home
> would fit well in to the Myth interface.
> Here is what I would like to accomplish with home automation in
> 1. Simple manual device control.
> 2. I would like it if a lighting scene is executed when I play a DVD
> movie.
> 3. Create a different light scene that is executed when I listen to
> 4. Some sort of visual notification when a device is turned on/off or
> a
> sensor is tripped.
> I have been investigating different approaches and would like to here
> ideas.
> I plan on using X10 protocol to control X10 devices.  There already
> Linux drivers to communicate with such devices.
> I like the idea that the myth screen have a 'hole' in it for playing
> streams.
> Mike
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