[mythtv] transcoding with cutlist

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Aug 13 19:47:09 EDT 2003

> The only solution seems to require a muxed stream, which sucks.

Or you could just not use a fifo/pipe for the audio.  My svcd encoder
just write the audio to a file while it encodes the video that mplayer
puts into a fifo for me (I use mplayer to decode nuv to yuv, rather than
doing a stream copy into an avi).  Then again, 600 megs or so of audio
data sitting on my drive for an hour or two while the video encodes
isn't a big deal to me.

Unfortunately, it seems that mplayer can't get the audio sync'd right on
any of my nuv files, so I have to wait for someone to update the patch.


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