[mythtv] RE:DVB working, and some questions

matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Tue Aug 12 13:01:07 EDT 2003

Hi Ed

Basically adding a dvb-source to mythchannels seems to write over your 
existing analogue card and card input connections. I'm not at home at the 
minute but I'll take a closer look at it tonight and try to work out 
exactly what's going on. I had to use mythchannels to import my 
channels.conf, then manually add my analogue card and input connections 
back in to the database.

Are you insmod'ing the dvb modules from rc.local ? I found that when I 
tried that it destroyed my bttv modules - xawtv would fail with could not 
find /dev/video errors. However, if I insmod from a shell once everything 
else has loaded it worked fine. Weird. However, I have been playing with a 
lot of different dvb drivers recently so I can't remember the exact config 
I have used for the dvb cvs driver. I don't know why none of the 
modules.conf layouts work, although I've never seen one where someone is 
also loading bttv for other cards. From a bit of searching on dvb-linux it 
seems like a lot of people have problems with autoloading the modules. I 
have found though that all I need to modprobe is dvb-ttpci and the grundig 
frontend module to get this nova-t to work. I could always do this from an 
su script called from kde autostart but this seems like the wrong way to 
do it. I really don't know why loading from rc.local should affect the 
bttv driver, although I have bttv aliased as char-major-81 and a lot of 
places seem to have videodev aliased as this for dvb - do you know much 
about these aliases ?

I really need to sort out how myth decides which card to use first. I'd 
like it to default to my first analogue card which has my sky feed coming 
in to it, as we use myth a lot to watch tv on remote frontends. Is this to 
do with the ordering of the cards in the database, or is DVB coded to 
automatically be the first source ?

Finally it seems like there ought to be an easy way for the user to select 
which card is used for live tv - in europe particularly users amy have a 
satellite stb coming in on one analogue card, a dvb card and an analogue 
tuner all with different channels available. If you can't switch the input 
to Livetv then you can only use these other cards to record from :( Maybe 
I'm misunderstanding how multiple cards work, but looking at the archives 
it looks like this is the case. Not a problem when people use the same 
incoming modulated rf feed split into multiple tuners ( as I would imagine 
a lot of US users do ) but certainly an issue when your feeds all have 
different channels available. Any thoughts ?


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