[mythtv] DVB working, and some questions

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Tue Aug 12 12:34:37 EDT 2003


I can answer a few of these questions:

> Well I have DVB up and running, after much fiddling with the database. 
> Mythchannels does bad things to my database if I try and add dvb sources 
> when I already have existing analogue sources. It breaks all the input 
> connections which I have setup already, and I have to redo them manually. 

Can you please describe what breaks and how in a bit more detail (preferably offlist to me and a copy to Ramon who wrote mythchannels).  I will have a look at what it is doing though.

Running analogue and 

> I'm also having some problems getting the DVB drivers to autoload - I'm 
> using the cvs DVB from linux tv, and have tried all the suggested ways of 
> editing modules.conf to get the drivers to load but none of them seem to 
> work. Can someone else post how they have got the drivers autoloading ?

If you are using the Nova, then you need to insmod TWO frontend drivers (not sure why).  Make sure you have also set the ves1820 (or whatever it is called) BEFORE you insmod the tda1004x frontend module.  Also have dvb-ttpci and dvb-core in there.  I think that's all but I'm doing this from memory...

Took me a while to work out about the vesxxxx driver though...!

> Does the use_ts setting need to be set to 1 for a Nova-T card, if so does 
> the shareable setting also need to be set to Y ? and finally how do I 

Not sure.  Try it each way and see what works for you.  

> associate the DVB channels with channels already in my other table ( for 
> EPG and listing purposes - as they are already being grabbed by my grabber 
> for my analogue card ). Hope someone can help with my questions :)

The ChanId has to match between channels and dvb_channels.  I think the idea was that you would have two different channels for DVB and analogue, however, what your doing sounds quite clever - I wonder if it would work more generally though...

Anyway, for each entry in dvb_channels make sure you have an entry in channels, and populate this entry with xmltv data, etc and then it will get grabbed.

Note you will have to muck around with the ~/.mythtv/ xmltv config file.  The default is to only pull down channels for standard analogue.  Try running a manual xmltv config for your extra channels and then copying the config file over.  Beware adding extra channels that aren't used in the channels table, funny things seem to happen in mythfilldatabase...

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