[mythtv] Disable recording again

John Hurliman webmaster at focustheater.com
Mon Aug 11 12:55:05 EDT 2003

Since the EXECTV code added LOCK_TUNER and FREE_TUNER messages to 
mythbackend, the patch could be adapted to use those calls and reuse code.


Matt White wrote:

>Hi, Isaac - I had submitted a patch about a week ago to disable recordings.
>Basically, I wanted to be able to unplug my Myth machine and take it along
>with me when I go on vacation, and I didn't want it wasting cycles recording
>if it wasn't hooked up to anything.
>I was just wondering if you'd seen the patch, and had any opinion on it.
>I did it as a checkbox in TV General Settings, and it basically acts exactly
>the same way as if the storage filesystem was out of space when suppressing
>recordings.  The only caveat is that once the setting is made, it doesn't
>take effect until either Mythbackend is restarted, or a change is made to the
>scheduled recordings (I didn't want to call GetNumSetting() on every time
>through the scheduler loop).  
>My other thought was to implement it as a command-line option, but then you
>pretty much need to have a keyboard or network connection to change the
>setting, and it would be nice if you didn't need to take anything other than 
>the box.
>One other possible change is to simply not even run the Scheduler if recording
>is disabled.  That would definitely require a restart of the backend to change 
>the setting.
>Anyways, is this something you're interested in including?  If so, would you 
>prefer a different approach?
>Keep up the great work!
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