[mythtv] DVB Status

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Mon Aug 11 10:29:34 EDT 2003

> > I tried scan. It runs and gives me a config file for the transponder,
> > but mythchannels wasn't too happy with it and loaded 0 channels.
> Edward forgot to mention that mythchannels takes a vdr format channel.conf,
> which is not default on scan (i think), run it with 'scan -c -o vdr'

Aha, does it really...  I had a look at that bit of the code last week and had assumed that it was an szap format file, durr.  

I sent Ramon some rough field mappings for the DVB-T file which were for the szap format file, and I'm sure that I tested that his code then uploaded tzap format files OK....  So I think I inadvertently helped make the format for DVB-T be the tzap format, whereas the DVB-S stuff is in vdr format...  I'll have a look at the code this week and see if it isn't possible to make it read both

By the way, does scan give complete and useful output under dvb-s?  I'm wondering if it would be useful for mythchannels run scan itself, then import the results?  Would this work for you, or is there normally some manual fixup that goes on first?

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