[mythtv] Re:Visor OSD

Jeff Nuckles coincapital at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 11:36:56 EDT 2003

The VISOR OSD doesn't use the builtin channel number
because the code that draws the channel numbers has it
drawing them behind all other OSD elements which means
that it must display without a background of any
kind... not what I wanted at all. You can uncomment
the channel numbering and find somewhere on the screen
to put it, ends up being a little repetative sonce
there is a channel number next to the logo, but you'll
be able to see the numbers as they are typed which I
admit is important to people who watch live tv.

Personally I think that channel number things should
be worked into the other OSD elements and not
seperated like that.

you will also notice a #channum when switching inputs,
due to using the channel number with the normal osd
info, which currently is not allowed.

>It decides to change channels when the channel
>number display disappears.   
>Since the theme doesn't _have_ a channel number
>display like it's supposed  
>to, bad things happen =) 

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