[mythtv] Visor OSD

Michael Kedl kedlm at knology.net
Mon Aug 11 08:34:04 EDT 2003

Visor looks really nice!  Great work.

I am using separate frontend/backend.

I can confirm some of these problems below.
1) nope, don't display
2) usually does tune, I am IR blasting an external box
3) usually does tune
4) usually tunes 2nd number only; unless you hit "69" REAL fast, then it
tunes "69"
5) same as 3?

On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 01:12, Dane Kantner wrote:
> > The tgz linked from http://www.coincapital.com/visor/ contains both the
> main
> > and OSD themes (I would assume that this is the same file available from
> the
> > myth website)
> I downloaded the visor that has the visorOSD.  I'm using it and like it,
> *but* it seems to have a few issues.....  that are all related
> 1) When manually entering channel numbers, they don't display.
> 2) When manually entering channel numbers, the channel changes (even though
> the #s aren't displayed)--but sometimes the volume is muted and I have to
> hit F9
> 3) When manually entering channel numbers, the channel doesn't seem to
> always change?  I noticed it did this, and instead of changing it muted
> only?
> 4) When entering a 2 digit channel #, only the first digit is accepted.
> Putting in channel 49 might change to channel 4 instead of 49.
> 5) When manually entering channel numbers, the channel doesn't always change
> even?
> It seems odd that an OSD would affect the input in such a manner, can anyone
> else reproduce these things?  Prior to changing to visorOSD, none of these
> things ocurred.
> -Dane
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