[mythtv] Any room for a Mono developer

Chad Myers cmyers at austin.rr.com
Sun Aug 10 23:09:29 EDT 2003

Hello all.

I just stumbled upon Myth a couple weeks ago and I've built a
box and got it up and running. One of my main goals was to
build a PVR box that I could customize and write add-ons, etc.

So before I started writing a bunch of stuff for myself,
I thought I could contribute a little to the community.

I have the following experience:

Python on Linux: About 6 months
Java on Linux: About 1.5 years
.NET/C# on Windows: About 2 years
C# on Mono on Linux: About 2 months (but it's not that different).

You probably wouldn't want to add Mono to the mix and 
confuse things, but if you're interested and there's something
you feel I could help out with on a temporary basis or a long
term deal, please let me know.

Sorry if this is off-topic or too noobie, I'm not trying to
waste people's time :)

Chad Myers

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