[mythtv] additions for mythmusic ripper GUI

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Fri Aug 8 03:22:18 EDT 2003

On Friday 08 August 2003 04:20 pm, Joseph Caputo wrote:

> You mentioned recently that you're planning on evetually migrating the CD
> ripper into the new mtd.  

	I believe the quote was, "there are plans" rather than, "I have plans.", but 
yup.   =)

> If you do, are you planning on moving/rewriting
> the CD ripper GUI, or using the existing one?  

	It's a pretty safe assumption that at some point everything will be rewritten 
as a Myth-Widget based theme-able dialog. 

> Basically, the idea is allow the user to 'tweak' the artist & genre
> information fetched from the disc or CDDB.  In the case of artists, often
> different albums & CDDB sources will have typos or different spellings. 

	I'd say keep working on it, at least to the extent that you can separate the 
programming logic of what you want to do from the GUI. The category lookups 
and comparisons will be of use no matter what. 

- thor

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