[mythtv] additions for mythmusic ripper GUI

Joseph Caputo caputo at qedinfo.com
Fri Aug 8 17:20:47 EDT 2003

Hey thor,

You mentioned recently that you're planning on evetually migrating the CD
ripper into the new mtd.  If you do, are you planning on moving/rewriting
the CD ripper GUI, or using the existing one?  The reason I ask is I've
started working on a feature enhancement for the CD ripper gui, but if it's
going to be completely rewritten soon then I'll hold off.

Basically, the idea is allow the user to 'tweak' the artist & genre
information fetched from the disc or CDDB.  In the case of artists, often
different albums & CDDB sources will have typos or different spellings.  For
instance, in my music tree I might have one album under "Simon & Garfunkel"
while another shows up under "Simon and Garfunkel" ("&" vs "and").  At the
same time, one S&G album might show up in CDDB under "Folk" while another is
listed under "Rock", and another maybe "Folk/Rock".  What I'd like to do is
to have the cdda/cddb code pre-fill the artist (and genre, which I've added)
entries from the CD-Text or CDDB, but then allow the user to either edit
manually (currently supported) or choose from a list of artists/genres
already in the music database.  This way, I don't have to accept the genre
selection or artist spelling from CDDB, and it's easy for me to make sure
that when I rip a CD it will get filed consistently with my music hierarchy.

Anyway, if the gui is going to remain pretty much as it is (with just the
interface to the ripper changed), I'll continue with my effort; if you're
planning on giving it an overhaul (and theming it), then please consider
this a feature request.


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