[mythtv] Support for .shn (shorten) audio format

Jeremy Oddo joddo at apixels.net
Thu Aug 7 11:15:40 EDT 2003

Hey Mike--

> This is the correct...I wasn't looking for the pros and cons of shorten.
>  I have well over 200GB of music in shorten format.  I'm really into
> live music and as a result, I have been compiling my collection by
> trading with others through etree.org and various other sites...most of
> the music has been in shorten format, however, now I am starting to see
> more and more shows converted into flac.
Hey, whattya pulling from etree?  Do you trade DMB?  I used to have an FTP
server setup (serving 150GB of DMB).  I had to pull it down because it was
killing my DSL bandwidth :(

And I'm with you... I'd love to have shn added to myth :)

Take care,

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