[mythtv] Support for .shn (shorten) audio format

Mike Savage mike.savage at datastream.net
Thu Aug 7 11:44:50 EDT 2003

This is the correct...I wasn't looking for the pros and cons of shorten.  I
have well over 200GB of music in shorten format.  I'm really into live music
and as a result, I have been compiling my collection by trading with others
through etree.org and various other sites...most of the music has been in
shorten format, however, now I am starting to see more and more shows
converted into flac.

I absolutely love my MythTV setup...currently one box, but I was
contemplating putting a multi-box master/slave MythTV configuration in place
and incorporate a lot of my music into it.

So, it looks like the bottom line is that I'm going to have to convert to
flac if I want to listen to my tunes under MythMusic.  Adding support for
shorten into MythMusic is way over my programming skill level.  I guess I'll
now go read up on why flac is better than shorten.

Thanks for the replies,

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I dont think he was looking at the benefits or disadvantages of various
formats. Besides, if he has tons of shorten content, then it seems like
having to transcode all of it would be a downside to FLAC.

I know someone was working on a patch to add xmms plugin support to
mythmusic, which would address this, but i'm not sure how that worked out.
The short answer to the original question is that it'll require some work,
and there's not a ton of interest since FLAC is available, which is
apparently enough for some.

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> On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 12:57:20AM -0400, Mike Savage wrote:
> > I was wondering if support for .shn (shorten) audio could be
> added to the
> > mythmusic module?  If so, how difficult/time consuming would it be?
> I know of no reason to use shorten over FLAC, and many reasons to use 
> FLAC over shorten.  I recommend converting your files to FLAC format.
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>  - mdz

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