[mythtv] patch mythweb2 - music

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Aug 6 22:40:56 EDT 2003


though I'm not sure what I think about including so much in an object. 
For single-fire things like web pages (esp. with a language like php
that doesn't have great object support), objects aren't always the best
way of doing things, and both slow things down (yes, not noticeable in
this context) and make the code harder to read.  Anyway, it's better
than nothing, and I won't have time to touch this stuff for awhile. :)

Also, the top nav bar still says "mythtv" - probably because the
print_menu_content() method wasn't defined for your mythmusic theme. 
Anyway, I've added a simple one - feel free to expand it.


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