[mythtv] CVS not switching to correct input

matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Tue Aug 5 10:06:47 EDT 2003


I am having some problems installing current CVS. I use a composite input 
with an external channel change program, and cannot get CVS to switch to 
the correct input when using LiveTV. The database looks correct, with the 
correct sourceid assigned to the channels, and the correct default input 
set on the card, but it always starts with a green screen and static which 
looks to me like the tv input ( which is not connected to anything ) - 
even though myth thinks it is the composite input and displays composite 1 
when I press C. I have tried a new clean database and upgrading my old 
database, and both have the same effect.

The only thing that looks wrong with mythbackend is an error message

ioctl VIDIOC_G_FMT : Invalid argument

This lead me to believe it could be my kernel, as I had been experimenting 
with the dvb-kernel driver, so I cleaned my kernel source tree and 
installed a new kernel, with no effect. If I downgrade to 0.10 then Myth 
works perfectly, and if I set the default input on this card to one of the 
other inputs ( composite 3 for example ) I can then switch to composite 1 
using C when LiveTV has started and again Myth works fine. Xawtv also 
works perfectly with  this kernel and card.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this ? I am trying to 
move to CVS to use the DVB code, but until I get my other card working 
correctly I can't start testing the DVB code. 

Matt Jarvis

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