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Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Thu Aug 7 01:56:43 EDT 2003

No, this is completely impossible in the Netherlands, I could give you a 
url to the page showing the channel numbers of just _one_ cable provider 
here : it's a long list of city and village names and almost _all_ of 
them use different channel numbers.

So why isn't there anyone who manages all that information? Well, there 
is no inscentive to do so. There is no technology here like TiVo or its 
likes so no reason for anybody to gather that kind of information. And 
even if a company would want to introduce a TiVo here they would 
encounter the problem that the program data for each channel is 
copyrighted material which only the channel owners can publish. The 
tv_grabber for The Netherlands grabs its data from a TV Guide website 
which only includes the most rudementary information about Dutch 
channels because they are not allowed to publish more than begin and end 
times and program title.

So a MythTV user in The Netherlands has to look up his local channel 
frequency table, make a list or script or something to map channel 
numbers to these freqencies (because the standard lists supported by 
ivtv and mythtv are useless for most of us (because there is no 
standard)) and enter these numbers into the channum fields for each channel.

And then we haven't taken into account that the Dutch don't want to know 
about channel numbers: CNN on channel 34+? Discovery on S11? Who cares? 
Everybody expects the presets to be numbered from 1 onwards and almost 
everybody fills the first couple of them with the national channels 
(most of which have a number in their name: RTL4, SBS6, V8 to "help" 
remember the preset you should use). That was why I was curious about 
the relation between channum and freqid, because it would be nice to be 
able to just put any number into channum (and number it from 01 to nn) 
while freqid could still point to the real channel number.

Hopefully MythChannels will find its way into the standard distribution 
and hopefully its auto-tuning feature will start working for us here, it 
would mean a _lot_ less work setting up MythTV.


Chris Petersen wrote:

>>For people who are still setting up their systems that means that chanid
>>is no longer an important field and can simply be (mostly)
>Doesn't mythfilldatabase set/update info based on channum, channame,
>etc?  Or does your provider not actually give any channum info?
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