[mythtv] origaudio bug in NuppelVideoRecorder

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Wed Aug 6 19:41:37 EDT 2003

(Resent because the list moderators seem to be a bit slow approving my
original message from my other account)

In NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp, we have in the constructor

    origaudio = new struct video_audio;

and in KillChildren

    if (!usingv4l2 && ioctl(fd, VIDIOCSAUDIO, origaudio) < 0)

Apparently KillChildren is called in all kinds of conditions (and since
I use RivaTV, which is more buggy and moody than the bt848 drivers and
does not support v4l2, it probably happens more often than it should).
However, that means that origaudio is not always initialized - it
frequently contains garbage, which is kind of annoying for me when I try
to run mythtv to watch some TV - it is just luck if I happen to get the
"right" kind of garbage to give me stereo sound on both ears any time I
start it.

Would someone mind fixing this somehow? Shouldn't be too hard...

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