[mythtv] Re: Xinerama Fun! :)

matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Wed Aug 6 11:15:38 EDT 2003

I have got exactly this problem with a geforce and voodoo3. I have also 
tested this with a tnt2 ultra instead of the geforce. It used to work in 
9. I have to match the screen size to my screen res in setup, and use the 
other xinerama screen ( 1 ). If I dont change the screen size, and just 
change the xinerama setting, it stretches across both monitors ( with the 
buttons displayed though  ) What is very weird is that I can move it over 
to the correct screen  once I've got it working as I described, using the 
x and y offset, and the buttons do display on the 0 screen. Once I restart 
mythfrontend though it moves back to the other screen, even though the 
offset is still in the database. Search my posts to find my previous 
postings about this. As most people are using this to output to a tv, I 
don't suppose many people are bothered about having to use dual head. 
However, for me I run a remote frontend on my desktop/development machine 
which runs xinerama and I need it be on screen 0, which I can't get to 
work. I have tried swapping the cards around to see if it's a card issue 
but get exactly the same behaviour.

Matt Jarvis

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