[mythtv] Re: MythChannels

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Wed Aug 6 09:33:10 EDT 2003

>  Any ideas?

If you got the grey area you got the window, but very likely mplayer did not

1.-Confirm this by something like "ps -ef |grep mplayer"
2.-At channelsplayer.cpp, go to TuneToAnalog function and uncomment this

//   QStringList list = p_mplayer->arguments();
//   QStringList::Iterator it = list.begin();
//   while( it != list.end() ) {
//      cout << *it << " ";
//              ++it;
//   } // while
//   cout << endl;

Rebuild mythchannels after this.

3.-When using MythChannels, now you'll get a debug output where mythfrontend
was started telling you which command is being  executed. While having that
"gray" window, try the same command that you got from the debug. Now you'll
be able to see its output and maybe findout yourself why it wasn't running
and correct it. Once you have it OK, update the database accoirdingly. There
is one parameter "-wid" that is giving the window id to be sent the mplayer
output, that's the "gray window". If you are running the command without
that window, take out that option when trying.
What I do suspect is that maybe your mplayer is not compiled having the tv
support, anyway by doing this, we'll confirm what is going on.

4.-Tell me what was wrong if you discovered this or which was the output and
I'll try to get back with more ideas.

5.-I'll appreciate if you can give a try to the finetune method for analog
scan to see if it tunes ok with a PVR. I know that might change your
database, if you don't want, backup it first and after that restore it.
There is information of how to do that in the mythtv docs.


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