[mythtv] MythSecurity spinoff of MythTV?

Jason Cooper jcooper at nevernight.net
Tue Aug 5 19:48:06 EDT 2003

Matt Zimmerman (mdz at debian.org) wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 10:35:29PM -0700, Ray wrote:
> > I'm just curious if anyone is working on (or at least thinking about a
> > spinoff of MythTV for security camera monitoring?  I've been looking at some
> > PC based security monitoring software for a customer and so far most of it
> > stinks.  The Windows based stuff isn't much more flexable than the
> > commercial dedicated boxes and the Linux based software just isn't very
> > mature from a UI standpoint.  Also most of the software I've looked at is
> > based on taking a whole bunch of snapshots rather than Myths approach which
> > seems a lot more natural.  
> > 
> > Has anyone been working on such a thing or at least thinking about it?
> This application sounsd sufficiently different that I'm not sure what parts
> of MythTV would be useful.  A security camera application wants to
> continuously record from several inputs, archive the streams somewhere, and
> display them in various multi-window configurations (I suppose...I've never
> used one).

Check this out and see how it might fit in... it's been around at least
two to three years...


Really nice masking for motion detection.  Basically a grey scale
overlay.  Also will integrate (not easily, tho) with PTZ.

I'm looking into using it around the house now that it supports multiple


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