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Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Aug 6 01:23:45 EDT 2003

Ramon Roca wrote:

>>How about adding a "special" group called [Favorites] or something like
>>that which can be used to manage the favorites?
>>Hmmm, no that would be silly, better the other way around: why not
>>change the EPG so that it knows about groups?
>>That way it could be made to show only the programs from one particular
>>group (which you can change of course).
>>The ? could still be used to add/remove the currently selected channel
>>to/from the currently selected group.
>>Would be easy for families as well: John's Favorites, Judy's Favorites,
>>But probably this is exactly what you had in mind anyway, isn't it? :-)
>Oh yes, should be something like that, having an "active" list, a hotkey to
>change it, and then apply that to the EPG, down/up keys etc. Regarding to
>favorites, don't you think that they have to work just like now? So then you
>still have favorites within the context of a channel list...
>Note that still a lot to do here however. I do only populate the lists with
>bulk loads of channels, I did already here because if not, I was going to
>miss something that was present at the sources, and later on could be
>interesting to use, all the other, including some kind og editing
>capabilites of the list still have to be done... any help on this will be
>very wellcome ;-)
Hmm you're probably right, even with those groups I imagine there will 
still be quite a number of channels in them.
Sorry, I'm just speaking from my own experience which is Dutch cable TV 
which has _very_ few channels compared to some other countries or satellite.

It just seemed a good feature to be able to have a personal list of 
favorites for each family member, the groups seemed to fit the bill nicely.


>Good night to everybody
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