[mythtv] Mythweb2 Recorded Programs List

David A. Mason damason at redshift.com
Tue Aug 5 12:25:55 EDT 2003

Interesting. On mine, a refresh makes no difference. Also, I checked the
source, and I see that the code for the table listing the programs does
close itself up:
<p align="right" style="padding-right: 75px">0 B out of 0 B used</p>

And after that, it does have the hidden legend table, and the table, div,
body, and html closing tags are all there, too.

It seems whacky that, with everything listing correctly at the frontend, we
wouldn't at least see an error on the web end. Unless tidy coding is
trapping that error, I guess.


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> Also, the "Show Recordings" drop-down box does list titles of some 
> shows that don't make it into the web list, but when I select those 
> titles, the list still does not reflect them.

I occasionally run into times where the web page doesn't list all of the
data being it should, but usually a reload fixes the problem.  

Unfortunately, I really don't have a clue why things aren't showing up - if
you look at the page source, it's like PHP just decided to stop sending DATA
(you'll often see only half of a tag at the end of the
source:  "<td widt").


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