[mythtv] Fw: DVB Big PATCH, Part I - for CVS pls

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Mon Aug 4 21:56:32 EDT 2003

>    * pids_subtitles
I haven't seen them
>    * pids_pcr (what is PCR?)
I know that is used in some channels to decode the video. I've it and I do
load it. That's all.
>    * pids_other

What else? Well if something else appear, no problem on adding them. Now I
do just create the PIDs that I know that exists. All of them.

> ? (Sounds a bit silly to me to have so many fields for PIDs, if we don't
> really need them anyways for anything technical, but because you
> > Right now we still need at least audio/video.
> >
> I have yet to hear a good reason why, but I give up trying to get one.
The page at the nokia site certainly has no sound so you can not hear it,
but you can always read it:
Anyway for you conveninece, I'll cut&paste:

16. What is "manual PID input" and how does it work?
Programs not broadcast in accordance with the DVB standard have a number of
bits of data, which are "shunted" out of position during digital
transmission. As a result, all you see is a black screen. With manual PID
input, the data can be realigned for problem-free viewing. The required
information is published in the latest issues of satellite program listings
magazines such as TeleSatellite

> >>          o If you separate them, you must read/use them all in
> >>
> >
> > dvbchannels.
> > Unless the code gets magic, we will have to read them everywhere we
> > want to use them =)
> >
> >
> My point. But *if* you add them, you *have to* use them at least in
> dvbchannels, or you'll fool users who try to use them and wonder why it
> doesn't work. That's maybe 2 lines of code.

Really is that simple to add support for teletext and pcr? please do so! :-)
If you just mean adding columns in a select list of values that are not
fetched at all, I don't see that really an issue right now.
Note that the pids are still parsed by in the old way, for sure that is
something to do.

> >
> Actually, you do hardcode it in the mc.sql (and currently in cvs.sql and
> 10-to-11.sql as well). Thus my question about config files.
By hardcoded what I mean embeded in the code itself as a text, so need to
I just thought that all the config files on filesystem where being moved to
the database (which makes a lot of sense to me). So I've just done that.

> >>          o What's that channellists? Nothing uses it, and I can't see
> >>            how it would be used. Why do you need channellistsmembers
> >>            and don't just add a single channellistid field to the
> >>            channel table?
> >>
> >
> > That's a master/detail. A common way to describe this kind of
> > relationships in a relational model.
> >
> Of course. My question was: Why do you need that detail table? What do
> you store there which you can't store elsewhere, e.g. in the channel
> table? It seems to me that the channels/channels_dvb table and the
> channellistsmembers table have a 1:1 relationship (or at least almost),
> in which case you can merge them.

That's not necessary have to be 1:1 in this case, Channels lists are user
defined categories (i.e. "Spanish". "Sports", "Cinema").
It's nice to have the hability to have same channel on many lists. BBC can
belong to both "English" and "News". Also by deleting a channel from a list,
you don't have to necessarily delete the channel itself...
The only place whete maybe it can be merged it's in the master... That would
be a de-normalization.

> > Will be already used within mythchannels to browse channels by groups.
> > since I'm able to load it....
> >
> >
> What is a "group"? We already know providers and channels types. So,
> groups are music stations, news, sports, movies etc.? Could you please
> add that as comment to the definition?

It's the channel lists. The channel lists are groups of channels. Is not
that complicated, just like a playlist it's for music. Give a try and you'll
see. On the other hand everyone who is familiar with a Satellite receiver
will understand that. Almost all of them currently have this. Some of them
call favorite lists or used defined lists, but I do avoid that term to don't
confuse with mythtv favorites, which btw can nicely complement channel

Look, again, for sure that's an on-development thing and will still be for a
while, that means a lot of things that probably can get better on time, but
if we don't start doing steps forward by consolidating what is done, ....

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