[mythtv] Fw: DVB Big PATCH, Part I - for CVS pls

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Mon Aug 4 21:07:58 EDT 2003

Ramon Roca wrote:

>>    * PIDs
>>          o Please use more descriptive names for the PID fields. vpids,
>>            apids, adpids, tpids, ppids, what? Which one is the generic
>>            one for things that we don't support yet?
> vpids= videopids
> apids=audio pids
> adpids=audio dolby pids
> tpids=teletext pids
> ppids=pcr pids
OK, sounds like good names. So, how about:

   * pids_video
   * pids_audio
   * pids_ac3
   * pids_teletext
   * pids_subtitles
   * pids_pcr (what is PCR?)
   * pids_other

? (Sounds a bit silly to me to have so many fields for PIDs, if we don't 
really need them anyways for anything technical, but because you insist...)

> Right now we still need at least audio/video.
I have yet to hear a good reason why, but I give up trying to get one.

>>          o If you separate them, you must read/use them all in
> dvbchannels.
> Unless the code gets magic, we will have to read them everywhere we 
> want to use them =)
My point. But *if* you add them, you *have to* use them at least in 
dvbchannels, or you'll fool users who try to use them and wonder why it 
doesn't work. That's maybe 2 lines of code.

> NO. Channels belongs to satellites, diseqc to antenna configuration. That
> would be a BIG mistake. Imagine for instance more than one card in a 
> backend with different diseqc configurations as a source at each card.
OK, that's a reason to separate diseqc from channels.

>>          o sat table
>>            Do you really need to prefill all the values, or
>>            can you fetch it from some imported channel config file?
> having a relational database is the best place to have it, better than 
> hardcoded.
Actually, you do hardcode it in the mc.sql (and currently in cvs.sql and 
10-to-11.sql as well). Thus my question about config files.

>>          o What's that channellists? Nothing uses it, and I can't see
>>            how it would be used. Why do you need channellistsmembers
>>            and don't just add a single channellistid field to the
>>            channel table?
> That's a master/detail. A common way to describe this kind of 
> relationships in a relational model.
Of course. My question was: Why do you need that detail table? What do 
you store there which you can't store elsewhere, e.g. in the channel 
table? It seems to me that the channels/channels_dvb table and the 
channellistsmembers table have a 1:1 relationship (or at least almost), 
in which case you can merge them.

> Will be already used within mythchannels to browse channels by groups. 
> since I'm able to load it....
What is a "group"? We already know providers and channels types. So, 
groups are music stations, news, sports, movies etc.? Could you please 
add that as comment to the definition?

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