[mythtv] DVB CI

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Sun Aug 3 20:02:35 EDT 2003

> (I didn't get your message, thus replying to Kenneth)
> Ramon wrote:
> >I'm also implementing the split of pids to vpids/apids (audio/video) as
Ben suggested....
> >
> No! I didn't suggest that in the DB! In fact, I first had that split in
> my first patches and then spent several hours to create the current,
> general solution.
I misunderstood that?
All PIDS in a single line just separated by ',' is not safe (teletext,
radio, ac3, etc...) without adding more codes to parse them. Much safer and
cleaner separate them by columns..., also easier to add new pids as long as
we support them... less parsing and no need to change current working
fields. Preserves compatibility. Better to do something like that now than
I've already spent some hours splitting them =)

> I thought that with Kenneth's meta-info from the stream, the user
> usually wouldn't need to enter the PIDs at all.
If it's already stored, we will have faster channel switch. Once it's tuned,
certainly we can parse them to get updated information depending on the
program being broadcasted, user prefs etc, but that's not currently
developed yet, so we still need anyway.
> >btw, what's the expected content of new column prognum? Is that for CI,
> >i.e., col #9 (starting from 1) in channels.conf file? If it is and you
use the same code, I had already uploaded that into channel_dvb in the
> >providerid column.
> >
> e.g. serviceid would be a better name than prognum. (channum, chanid,
> prognum, huh?)
from stune output

Usage: dvbtune [OPTIONS]

Standard options:

-f freq     absolute Frequency (DVB-S in Hz or DVB-T in Hz)
            or L-band Frequency (DVB-S in Hz or DVB-T in Hz)
-p [H,V]    Polarity (DVB-S only)
-s N        Symbol rate (DVB-S or DVB-C)
-v vpid     Decode video PID (full cards only)
-a apid     Decode audio PID (full cards only)
-t ttpid    Decode teletext PID (full cards only)
-pnr N      Tune to Program Number (aka service) N

-i          Dump SI information as XML

program number = service (service is how is been known in vdr) anway they
are synonyms.
I'll keep prognum to keep synched with Kenneth devs.

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