[mythtv] DVB CI

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Sun Aug 3 19:37:05 EDT 2003

Ben Bucksch wrote:

> (I didn't get your message, thus replying to Kenneth)
> Ramon wrote:
> >I'm also implementing the split of pids to vpids/apids (audio/video)
> >as Ben suggested....
> No! I didn't suggest that in the DB! In fact, I first had that split in 
> my first patches and then spent several hours to create the current, 
> general solution.
> I thought that with Kenneth's meta-info from the stream, the user 
> usually wouldn't need to enter the PIDs at all.

Technically yes, I'll try to wrap up a 'meta-info' printer, so you can
see what info is in there when you change channels...
...and we'll take it from there!

> >btw, what's the expected content of new column prognum? Is that for CI,
> >i.e., col #9 (starting from 1) in channels.conf file? If it is and you
> >use the same code, I had already uploaded that into channel_dvb in the
> >providerid column.
> >
> e.g. serviceid would be a better name than prognum. (channum, chanid, 
> prognum, huh?)



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