[mythtv] New container added for OSD themes

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Apr 23 13:12:09 EDT 2003

A new container has been added for the OSD themes.  It is called
"browse_info" and is used whenever a user goes into Browse mode while
watching LiveTV.  I have already modified the existing blueosd and
defaultosd themes in cvs to add the browse_info container.

Since this is used in browse mode it would make sense to include the
channel number, start time, and either stop time or length.

If you are a maintainer of an OSD theme outside of Myth cvs, the easiest
way to add initial support for the browse_info container is just to
copy your existing program_info container.

I have been playing around with CornersOSD so pasted below is the added
section I have for that if anyohe is interested.  I added the channel number
as well as both start/end times and the length.

Users who are keeping up with current CVS and using an OSD theme that is not
included in cvs can just copy the whole "program_info" container in their
osd.xml file and rename the copy to "browse_info".

The browse_info container supports the same keywords as the program_info
container.  The keywords were listed in previous emails to the -dev list.


** Chris Pinkham                  Linux v2.2.18, Sane v1.0.4, Cajun v3.0-8 **
** cpinkham at bc2va.org                          http://www.bc2va.org/chris/ **

    <container name="browse_info" fademovement="0,10">
        <image name="background">

        <image name="channelicon">

        <textarea name="channum">

        <textarea name="title">

        <textarea name="subtitle">

        <textarea name="description">
            <value>%DESCRIPTION% (%STARTTIME%-%ENDTIME%)%BR%%LENMINS% minutes</value>

        <textarea name="callsign" align="center">

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