[mythtv] My experiences with the Win PVR250

Chris Kleeschulte root at reactorradio.com
Mon Apr 21 16:25:15 EDT 2003

When I saw that Isaac took the plunge and bought one of these, I thought 
I would too :) I go it up and running. I thought I would share some 
stats with you all.

My setup:

Athlon XP 1900+ w/ 256MB 2100 DDR RAM
Motherboard is SIS735 based...brand (Taiwanese special?)
ES1371 sound card using kernel OSS drivers
WinTV PVR250
Matrox G550 display adapter

The card works beautifully (at least in line with what the IVTV authors 
are saying). The picture quality is EXCELLENT. Much better than the 878A 
based card I was using. I am not outputting the picture to a TV (I am in 
NTSC country), but instead running it to a VGA monitor running at 
1600x1200. The picture stills looks great even expanded to that 
resolution.  I ran the mythtv resolution deinterlaced at 720x480  (for 
Live TV) using a whoping 22% CPU (measured using top) . I was using a 
'7' quality for the mp3 encoding at 44100. Oh shoot, I had xmms, 
mozilla, and mail open too when it was all running. Plus this is a 
single setup, the frontend and backend reside on the same machine.

concerns right now:
using the mythtv CVS from midday 4-20-2003. When entering into the 
"Recorded programs" area from the main menu (the menu with "watch tv", 
etc.) I cannot Escape out of it. I must ctrl-c from mythfrontend and 
start again. Weird.

anyway, back to testing


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