[mythtv] PVR 250 issues...

wwinright at attbi.com wwinright at attbi.com
Fri Apr 18 16:21:19 EDT 2003

The hack worked, and now I show a boatload of available inputs. I chose Tuner,
as usual, and went about starting up the backend, which seemed to start fine,
then the frontend. But when I get to the Codec chooser in Setup>Recording, I'm
not sure what to choose. I was under the impression that the PVR 250 would
enable MPEG2 to be used. When I attempt to use one of the other codecs (RTJPEG,
MPEG4, Hardware MJPEG) I get various errors, all from ivtv. Is this a driver
issue? Or should I be setting up recording differently?

> On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 11:33:57PM +0000, wwinright at attbi.com wrote:
> > I have installed the drivers for the PVR 250, and from what I can tell,
> > they are working. I can cat /dev/video0 > file.mpg and it generates an
> > mpeg (although it's just static) that I can view.
> > 
> > When I run the mythtv setup program, everything seems fine, I can select
> > Hardware MPEG encoder, but when I get to Input Connections, I have no
> > choices. 
> This presumably means that setup is unable to probe the inputs on the card.
> In almost every case I see, this should print an error to stderr.  The only
> ecxeption would be where the card indicates that there are no inputs, which
> seems unlikely.
> Do the inputs show up when you are configuring the capture card?  There is a
> "default input" combo box which should have all of the inputs found.  That
> uses the same code as the input connections step.
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