[mythtv] [Patch] Another OSD Tweak

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Apr 12 12:34:17 EDT 2003

On Friday 11 April 2003 10:22 am, Ben Brown wrote:
> Here's another OSD Tweak.  It does several little things.  It switches
> the "Saved Position" and "Mute" to use the "Status" container instead of
> the "Settings" container.  It also adds a little more info the the
> "Mute" and "Position Saved" display, as well as a header to the
> color/contrast/brightness displays.

Hmmm.. I think I'd prefer to keep the mute and position saved indicator in the 
separate container..  That can always be made to look just like the 
pause/status container.  I'll apply the rest of it, though.


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