[mythtv] Channel changing Bugs...

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Fri Apr 11 00:43:33 EDT 2003

I'm not saying the members of the discussion support the idea, just
that all comments do, whether intentionally or not.  Chanid duplicates
existing data available in the same place, while adding complexity.

There's an easy solution to the >999 channels problem: drop chanid.

On Apr 10, at 20:14, Chris Palmer encoded a 0.9K recording:
> I'd say that's a bit strong, Andy, since you're the only one I've
> seen suggesting that idea. ;) I may have hinted at it, but only in
> the sense of "if it's not needed, then get rid of it", but from what
> I've read, it sounds like it is needed, though there still needs
> to be something worked out as to what form the value will take in
> order to handle the case of > 999 channels, yet still not break for
> existing configs.

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