[mythtv] Early start / late finish / free recordings - implementation

Erik Arendse mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 10:30:02 +0100

Hi everyone,

At my side of the planet (The Netherlands) we can receive about 30 channels 
from different countries with different cultures. Some of them transmit 
strict on time, others are notoriously sloppy, some always run late, and 
sometimes they transmit different shows compared to what they advertized 
when the xmltv data was gathered.
To be useful here any PVR (any VCR that is) must be able to start early and 
finish late depending on the channel. Some of the channels support PDC 
(automatic start&stop times transmitted with the program) but for this to 
work you need to have the _original_official_ start/stop times, which is 
AFAIK not available on the internet for XMLTV to grab...

So what I intended to do is create an improved recording type to replace 
the current one:

1) A recording has an optional link to a program

2) A recording has its own start/stop time and title independant of a program

3) When selecting a program for recording the defaults for early start / 
late finish are taken from the defaults per channel and used as modifiers 
on the start/stop times of the program to create the default recording

4) The start / stop times and title can be changed, if a recording is 
linked to a program the original start/stop times and title are shown as 

5) A new recording can be entered from scratch

6) The channel and day can only be changed for recordings not linked to a 

Anybody comments, ideas, suggestions?