[mythtv] New Mythtv user with Matrox Marvel G200TV

Ray mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 10:56:29 -0700

On Sat, Oct 26, 2002 at 08:42:31PM -0400, Seth Wonder wrote:
> There is indeed external command functionality in the existing code - it's
> just undocumented/unspoken. ;) The code currently only acts as a 'global'
> command (eg, it applies to all cards if you have more than 1). I have seen
> quite a demand for this in the past week or two, so I think there will end
> up being some code contributions to it ....  Anyway, last quote from Isaac
> regarding the externalcommand functionality is:
> >It should be.  If you add a line like the following to your settings.txt
> file:
> >
> >str ExternalChannelCommand=changechannel
> >
> >With 'changechannel' being the program to run on channel change, it'll
> >execute that program like 'changechannel 57' if you tune to channel 57 on
> >a non-tuner input of the capture card.  I don't know if anyone's tested
> >it or anything, so YMMV.
> >
> >Isaac

Thanks, that seems to work mostly.  For some reason it only calls my
external command in S-Video & Television mode but not composite, no big
deal for me and probably easy to track down.  

> Apparently someone has discovered some issues regarding tuning high channel
> numbers with it, however (>125?)... and has throw together a little blurb
> about the options to 'fix' it.

Yep, using his modified frequencies.c seems to take care of that.  I just
now noticed that Xmltv doesn't seem to be getting my local channel (the
800s) info. 

> You may want to hop on
> irc.openprojects.net/#mythtv and watch the convo in there, as this is
> generally often discussed. =) hopefully your G200TV issues will manifest
> into something positive, because it sounds like it could prove to be a nice
> myth solution... I too intend to use mythtv w/ my dtv receivers (controlled
> via serial port as well).. perhaps we can collaborate on this if you are
> interested?

Sure, I'm using a modified version of the script found at
http://www.hitchhiker.org/dss/ to change chanels on my RCA dss receiver. 
I'm not a perl hacker but I managed to chop off the interactive bits of that
script and it does manage to change channels and exit as it should.
Mythtv is such a nice piece of software I'm inclined to stick with it and
try to modify the bits that I can to work better with my Marvel.  The
capture quality of the Marvel with it's hardware mjpeg really is great and
most fixes for it would apply to other Zoran based capture cards as well
(Iomega Buz, DC10 etc.).  

Thanks for your help.