[mythtv] Good Inexpensive capture card?

tarek Lubani mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:44:11 -0400


I have a WinTV that I just bought recently from www.ncix.com for not too 
much.. it has mono audio, since my audio comes straight from my satellite 
receiver.. It works fine, and is supported Ok..

Not sure what's up, but you can always check on the chipset and insist that 
your retailer give you one with the chipsets that are known to work.. These 
would be listed in the v4l thingi..

As for pipe dreams, I don't think so!! Mine works dandy!!

tarek : )

>OK, I'm new to the list so if I'm asking questions outta turn let me know...
>So, I am looking for a good card to run MythTV on.  I was set to pick up a
>Hauppauge WinTV card by I have heard that Hauppauge changes the chipset
>and is no longer supported under V4L.  Can anyone confirm/deny this?  What
>are some of the other cards that are (1) easy to find, (2) cheap, (3)
>supported by V4L, and (4) decent quality.
>BTW, I currently have digital cable here in America.  Is MythTV just a
>pipedream for me?
>Thanks for all your help
>(again, if this is the wrong place for my post, please point me in the
>right direction...thanks!)
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