[mythtv] no picture, no sound ... ?

Dr. J. S. Pezaris mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 12 Oct 2002 14:57:08 -0400

   From: Isaac Richards <ijr@po.cwru.edu>
   No, it's hanging.  It should either be printing an error message saying why
   it couldn't setup the Xv stuff, or saying what Xv port it was using after
   it sucessfully set it up.  It's not doing either, so it's hanging =)
Aha.  I'm at a loss, then, to explain why the ringbuf.nuv file is growing
as mythtv runs (and not coincidentally, the disk access light shows

   You said xawtv only works when you use the -noxv switch?  I assume it hangs
   as well?
Not exactly.  Without the -noxv switch, xawtv is fully functional, except
that the opened window shows a display that is garbled (typically purplish
lines as if sync wasn't locked-in) and unchanging.  The UI works, and when
you change channels, it updates the garbled display to a new, fixed,
garbled display.

With the -noxv switch, xawtv works fine, except there's no audio.  The
opened window is live TV, changing channels works fine, etc., the UI works
as you'd expect, save the lack of audio.  The audio is fine when using
"radio" to use the FM tuner part of the board.  A stereo patch cord is in
place between the TV caputre card output and the motherboard audio input,
and is required for "radio" operation, so is functional.  But right now,
working video is the larger issue.

   > Is there some other tool that understands the .nuv format that I can use
   > to check if the contents of ringbuf.nuv is valid?
   Nope, there's not.  Well, if you record an entire program and then go to
   the 'Watch a Recording' screen in mythfrontend, it'll play a little preview
   video of the file, without sound..

Can I rename ringbuf.nuv to an appropriate filename so that the video
player can find it?  I'll start recording a show in a few minutes, in any
case to have something to check.


	- pz.

John Pezaris, Ph.D.