[mythtv] mythtv and tv_grab_sn

Stefan Görling mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 12 Oct 2002 09:48:00 +0200

Dear Brian,

I was not aware of that dagenstv provided danish listings, so i didn't 
add it to the grabber when I wrote it, sorry. The reason for not adding 
<channel>-info was that in Sweden the channel numbering is dependant on 
the carrier used (i.e. they're different if you use terrestial and cable).

I've patched mythfilldatabase so that it uses manually entered channel 
information when none is available and maps the channels based on their 
names in the channel-table and the program-xml. I'll try to send you the 
patch when I get back to town early next week.


>I'm in Denmark and have sofar only been able to use the livetv feature
>of mythtv.
>However I recently saw that xmltv has gained a tv_grabber for
>norway/sweden (tv_grab_sn) and the source it uses also provides danish
>tv listings.
>I've been playing around with it, but mythfilldatabase doesn't work with
>it at all, first off - atleast on my system, the option --output causes
>it to fail and I have been working around that by manually running
>tv_grab_sn > tmpfile. it also lacks <channel> tags and I have been
>adding those manually to allow mythfilldatabase to add the channels to
>mysql and thats as far as I have come, no program information is added
>to the database.
>So - I've been wondering if someone else have worked on it too, maybe
>even gotten it to fill a database - if so, I would love to hear about
>Best regards,
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