[mythtv] Statically compiled?

Matthew mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 12:55:43 -0700

It has been some 6 years since I did any heavy development, but I may be
able to help somehow.  Perhaps a build or a configure script would be
helpfull?  This may be more than I can accomplish alone, but want to
contribute as much I can.  Below are some thoughts and ideas that I was
thinking about.  Commments would be appreciated.

Configure script
1) Verify that all (the right versions of) source libraries and packages are
avaliable.  Maybe provide some verbage to assist in gettting things set up
properly.  Example: "QT libraries are missing.  QT seems to be installed,
but qt-devel package may be required..." "flac %ver% is currently installed
but MythTV requires flac version 1.0.4"

2) Get information required for basic working config in settings.txt.
(PAL/NTSC, Music and Video Paths, System speed to set capture format and
size...)  Maybe a seperate script that can be called post install to change
Myth config?

3) Verify MySQL is installed and running.  Setup Myth database.

4) Verify freetype and perhaps apply a diff to source for redhat/mandrake

5) Verify V4L is installed.

6) Check XMLTV is installed.  See below.

XMLTV verify or make script
Verify or install all required Perl modules and make XMLTV.  Maybe configure
XMLTV for locale etc ( tv_grab_xx --configure )?  This could be given to the
XMLTV project.  ->  See build script for http://gjukebox.sourceforge.net
project that does something very similar.

Myth make script
1) Check that configure script has been run.

2) Build Myth.

2) Run filldata script.  Maybe cron it if possible?


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On Wednesday 02 October 2002 03:31 am, Isaac Richards wrote:
> Hrm.  See, even if I distribute binaries, there's still the database setup
> and all that to do..  I don't think it'll gain all that much, really..
> But, if someone wants to do the work, and probably provide hosting (a
> static, stripped, bz2-ed mythmusic binary is 2.6 MB on my box, a similarly
> compiled/compressed mythfrontend is 2.7 MB), I'd at least link to it.

Oh, and I forgot -- something things _can't_ be compiled statically, like
Qt database plugins (mythtv uses the mysql one).  So, really, static bins
won't work.  I'd say debian packages are more realistic right now than
anything else..  No-one's offered to make packages for any other distro, at

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