[mythtv] Statically compiled?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 2 Oct 2002 21:05:39 -0400

On Wednesday 02 October 2002 03:55 pm, Matthew wrote:
> It has been some 6 years since I did any heavy development, but I may be
> able to help somehow.  Perhaps a build or a configure script would be
> helpfull?  This may be more than I can accomplish alone, but want to
> contribute as much I can.  Below are some thoughts and ideas that I was
> thinking about.  Commments would be appreciated.
> Configure script
> 1) Verify that all (the right versions of) source libraries and packages
> are avaliable.  Maybe provide some verbage to assist in gettting things set
> up properly.  Example: "QT libraries are missing.  QT seems to be
> installed, but qt-devel package may be required..." "flac %ver% is
> currently installed but MythTV requires flac version 1.0.4"

Yup.  a configure script would be nice, but I don't really want to write it, 
nor do I want anything that uses autoconf/automake.

> 2) Get information required for basic working config in settings.txt.
> (PAL/NTSC, Music and Video Paths, System speed to set capture format and
> size...)  Maybe a seperate script that can be called post install to change
> Myth config?

This could be added to the setup program that it's CVS currently..

> 3) Verify MySQL is installed and running.  Setup Myth database.
> 4) Verify freetype and perhaps apply a diff to source for redhat/mandrake
> users.

Hopefully someone's going to contribute a patch to bring the freetype stuff in 
libNuppelVideo up to freetype2 soon =)

> 5) Verify V4L is installed.
> 6) Check XMLTV is installed.  See below.

> XMLTV verify or make script
> Verify or install all required Perl modules and make XMLTV.  Maybe
> configure XMLTV for locale etc ( tv_grab_xx --configure )?  This could be
> given to the XMLTV project.  ->  See build script for
> http://gjukebox.sourceforge.net project that does something very similar.
> Myth make script
> 1) Check that configure script has been run.
> 2) Build Myth.
> 2) Run filldata script.  Maybe cron it if possible?

Ok.  My view on the build process -- it's currently good enough for me.  If 
someone wants to improve things, I'll accept a patch to do so ('slong as it 
doesn't use automake/autoconf/etc). 

 I _will_ be improving the setup program that's currently in CVS, though.