[mythtv] Clarification

Robert Dege mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 23:51:27 -0500 (EST)

Back when M$ was trying to sell their own DVR (UltimateTV I believe?),
one of their biggest selling points was the capability of recording
2 different channels at the same time.

Now I know that Isaac has pics of picture in picture functionality, which
I assume came from 2 tuner cards.  But what about being able to record 2
channels at the same time?  I know this would really put a monkey wrench
in the "conflicting recordings" section, but would this be a viable
extension of functionality?

Also, what about recording one channel while taping another channel?
Or can that be done with a single tuner card?

What about DVD capabilities?  Any thoughts pro/con about integrating the
feature in the future?

My apologies for all the questions, but after getting MythTV to work, and
marveling at the new life I breathed into my old PC, all these new ideas
started popping into my head.

I'm no programmer, but I'll try to contribute where I can.


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