[mythtv] Hardware advice (Via Eden Board) / Video Card.

Mr. Adam ALLEN mythtv-dev@snowman.net
25 Nov 2002 21:44:43 +0000

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Discovered MythTV last night and very, very impressed.=20
But I need to dedicate (and buy) some hardware for the system.

I have two choices:

1) Buy a Via Eden board.
Not sure about these cheap boards, =A3 80 with 800Mhz chip on board,
integrated video (with TVout), sound and LAN. Linux compatibility is the
worst - so far through lots of searching google  - asking here if anyone
knows of show stoppers.
I've not found specific chipsets used. It's critical that the on-board
stuff works because it only has one PCI slot for the capture card. It's
advantage is that it's fanless- so won't keep me awake at night!
Dedicated an Athlon with huge fan is too noisy!!


2) Use my old AMD K6-3 450Mhz - but I'd need to find a new video card
(cheap) with TV-out...
What card is recommended?

Thanks for a great piece of software - very, very impressed.

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