[mythtv] mythmusic startup search and seg fault

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 01:49:13 -0500

On Thursday 21 November 2002 01:20 am, Allen T. Gilliland IV wrote:
> I am getting seg faults with mythmusic when I try to
> select music to play, or import a cd.  The play music
> works fine with the initial playlist I used to test
> it, but now I can't get back in to change the
> playlist.

It's a bug in libcdaudio's cddb stuff.  

> could this be because I have 40 gigs of music? it
> seems to take a while for it to load the music
> selector.
> Also, is it supposed to scan for music every time you
> start mythmusic?  I only ask because I have 40+ gigs
> of music, and it takes a long time to scan every time
> I go into mythmusic.  If this is the case I think that
> changing this so that it only scans the first time, or
> after you manually tell it to re-scan in the interface
> somewhere.

It only tests for new files on every other run other than the first one.
Even scanning for new music doesn't take all that long, assuming you don't 
have any mp3s..  I have it manually calculating mp3 length, so that's a bit 
of a time sink.  But, now that I've re-ripped everything to vorbis or flac, I 
don't have any more mp3s, so I really don't care =)