[mythtv] New user

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 23:02:36 -0500

On Wednesday 20 November 2002 10:40 pm, Jonathan Wirch wrote:
> I'm new to MythTV and still reading and following this mailing list. I
> currently own a TiVo but very interested in creating my own. Just
> curious why you need a 2.4ghz processor for all of this. I know it must
> be pretty cpu intensive stuff but still...shouldn't there be a way to
> optimize linux or remove other stuff you don't need? Isn't the TiVo
> processor only 33 or 66mhz. Read that on one of the tivo forums. If I
> build a set top box for just PVR/mp3/etc/etc I don't think I should have
> to buy a p4 2.4 nearly top of the line just to get it to work.
> Can't wait to give this project a try, it has real promise, keep up the
> good work.

You don't need anywhere near a p4 2.4 for this.  The XP 1800+ I have is plenty 
for really good quality 640x480 mpeg4 video, with lots (>30%) of cpu to 
spare.  That's almost a gigahertz less if you compare straight speeds with a 
p4 2.4ghz.  Now, if you want to do _two_ full-size encodings at once, that's 
a different matter.

TiVos do all their encoding and decoding in hardware -- this stuff is all 
software, unless you use the (still in-progress) hardware mjpeg encoding 
support that's in CVS.