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I'm new to MythTV and still reading and following this mailing list. I
currently own a TiVo but very interested in creating my own. Just
curious why you need a 2.4ghz processor for all of this. I know it must
be pretty cpu intensive stuff but still...shouldn't there be a way to
optimize linux or remove other stuff you don't need? Isn't the TiVo
processor only 33 or 66mhz. Read that on one of the tivo forums. If I
build a set top box for just PVR/mp3/etc/etc I don't think I should have
to buy a p4 2.4 nearly top of the line just to get it to work.

Can't wait to give this project a try, it has real promise, keep up the
good work.


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To be honest ... I would recommend a p4 if you are
going from scratch.  I have an athalon 1200 and
heating is a serious problem.  My p4 2400 never breaks
45C, and i don't think there is that big of a price
difference if you adjust the amd chips to their
respective pentium competitors.  I believe an athalon
1800 would net you around an p4 1600 or 1700.  In my
opinion, get something good that can do great
resolution with as little problems as possible.  From
what I gather from other ppls experiences, this will
take a 2000+ machine.

My experience is that p4 2400Mhz machine will get you
what you want.  You could probably get away with
something a little less though.

Anyway ... my opinion.

--- Wes Biggs <wes@cacas.org> wrote:
> So I'm going to take the plunge and build a MythTV
> box for a Christmas 
> project, er, present, and given that the only spare
> hardware I've got 
> lying around was bought sometime in the last
> millenium, I'm planning to 
> go to the local computer fair and get a new rig.  My
> plan is your 
> typical "media center" machine, headless except for
> the TV out, with one 
> or two big fat hard drives for TV and music.
> It sounds like many posters here have had good luck
> with Athlon 1800s so 
> I may go that route.  Anyone have any preferences
> they'd like to share 
> for MoBos?
> Also, is the Hauppage WinTV the best value card out
> there, or is there 
> something else from ATI that's good?
> Apologies for the newbie questions, but consider
> mine a mind to be molded.
> And, out of curiosity, what's the highest quality
> setting (resolution) 
> that MythTV will try to record at?
> I'm totally blown away by the screenshots... props
> to Isaac and everyone 
> else who has worked on this thing.
> Wes
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