[mythtv] Heads-up

rob mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 14:00:46 -0600

Why not do like lots of other programs already do?  Have a per-user 
configuration file, eg ~/.mythtv/settings.txt, which is parsed after the 
/usr/local/share/myth/settings.txt, which would contain the system-wide 
defaults.  The user's file could have a line at the top like "# See 
/usr/local/share/myth/settings.txt for defaults and descriptions".  You 
can write to this file without worrying about "mucking up" the original 

Mark Musone wrote:

>Well, thats why right now i'm thinking of doing both..for now..
>right now i cannot "save" settings in the settings.txt file without lots
>of problems, so my choices are to create a newsettings.txt file that i can easily modify,
>or just have the DB override it..
>To be more precise:
>1. it's not slower to access, expecially if you already have a Db up and running and
>even a connection open.
>2. it does not take up more disk space, on the contrary they often compress the data versus an
>ascii type file (case in point, storing integer numbers in an ascii file versus a true int in a database).
>i'm open for anything, but i dont think modfiying the current settings.txt is an option that makes sense
>right now #1, becuase it'd be a pain and #2, because it could really muck things up..if Isaac gives me the go-ahead,
>then i'm fine with doing it.
>In the end, i do plan on having _every_ setting throug the front end. Last night i was working on scanning channels
>and setting up the channels and EPG through the front end.