[mythtv] Heads-up

rob mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 13:31:39 -0600

Christian Morant wrote:

>Why not place all the settings in the DB (to keep all the data in the same 
>place),  have Mythsetting edit it and maybe storing all the default values 

What's the advantage of putting the settings in the database?  I think 
settings and configuration files should be kept outside of the database, 
for several reasons:

1)  It's not relational data, so it shouldn't be in a relational database
2)  It's harder to modify for the average user (unless the frontend can 
manipulate _every_ setting possible) (Most people can modify a text 
file, fewer can formulate an SQL command to update a value)
3)  It's slower to access
4)  It takes up more disk space
5)  Comments are harder to have near the settings when the settings are 
in a table in a database