[mythtv] Audio problem with line-in

Robert Kulagowski mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 21:57:53 -0500

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> I've read that I should mute the line-in channel, but then, 
> there's no 
> audio at all (using both alsa 0.9.0_cvs20020320 and oss 
> 3.9.7f). Yes, I've 
> tried to change the input gain, but it seems I cannot set it 
> for my sound 
> card (?).

Are you running KDE?  (Note that it even though it says Mandrake 9.0
it's not really Mandrake specific) Here's an excerpt from the
mythtv-HOWTO in CVS: (section 6)

Mandrake 9.0
Open Kmix by K->Multimedia->Sound->Kmix

Click on Settings->Configure Make sure that "Tick Marks" and "Show
labels" have "X"'s in them. This will make it easier to find the
correct audio source. Click OK.

On the mixer page, look for Line-In on your sound card. You should
see two LED's - a green one at the top, and a red one at the bottom.
The green one at the top is for muting; you want to make sure that
the green LED is a dark green, meaning that it's "off". You also want
to click on the red LED so that it turns bright red, indicating that
it's "ON"; this insures that the Line-in is used as the source. Click
OK, and make sure that you save the settings so that this is your

Does this help?

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