[mythtv] OSD features (caller id, time)

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 23:25:58 -0500

On Sunday 17 November 2002 11:10 pm, rob wrote:
> I remember a while ago, maybe in the Tivo forums, a discussion about
> adding a caller ID feature such that when the phone rings, the phone
> number and other caller id information is displayed on-screen, which
> would be easier to read than on the caller ID box or phone display.  I'm
> sure this wouldn't be difficult to implement, but I don't have an analog
> modem to play with.

Yup would be neat, and, same as you, I have no hardware for it.  It's been 
mentioned to me a few times before, though.

> The other thing that I think might be nice to have would be a display of
> the current time on the main menu and program guide.  It might be nice
> to have it on the "Manage Recordings" menu, also, since it doesn't take
> up much space (5 characters).  Of course, it could be driven by a
> configure-file option, so it wouldn't need to be displayed on the
> screens of people who don't want it there.
> Another thought ran through my head today.  How about a periodic
> download of the current weather conditions in your area (driven by zip
> code in the settings file), displayed on the main menu?  What about a
> news ticker, with the current headlines from some news source?  Maybe
> the ultimate goal would be a plug-in architecture where one or multiple
> additional programs or modules could be called to deliver certain
> information to Mythfrontend?  After all, this is about convergence, right?

A task bar along the bottom (or top) of the screen would be ideal for both of 
these, I think..  Then the other UIs wouldn't have to know about anything 
like that, and just draw around the task bar..