[mythtv] OSD features (caller id, time)

rob mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 22:10:34 -0600

I remember a while ago, maybe in the Tivo forums, a discussion about 
adding a caller ID feature such that when the phone rings, the phone 
number and other caller id information is displayed on-screen, which 
would be easier to read than on the caller ID box or phone display.  I'm 
sure this wouldn't be difficult to implement, but I don't have an analog 
modem to play with.

The other thing that I think might be nice to have would be a display of 
the current time on the main menu and program guide.  It might be nice 
to have it on the "Manage Recordings" menu, also, since it doesn't take 
up much space (5 characters).  Of course, it could be driven by a 
configure-file option, so it wouldn't need to be displayed on the 
screens of people who don't want it there.

Another thought ran through my head today.  How about a periodic 
download of the current weather conditions in your area (driven by zip 
code in the settings file), displayed on the main menu?  What about a 
news ticker, with the current headlines from some news source?  Maybe 
the ultimate goal would be a plug-in architecture where one or multiple 
additional programs or modules could be called to deliver certain 
information to Mythfrontend?  After all, this is about convergence, right?