[mythtv] "Export Recodings" Option?

Anthony Whitehead mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 20:50:39 +0100

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On Tuesday 12 November 2002 14.57, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> One option I would like to see in mythtv would be an "Export Recordings"
> option, much like the Delete Recodings menu, except the selected recording
> is added to a cue of files to be burnt to a cd. This list of files could
> then simply be passed to mkisofs | cdrecord, and you have a simple way of
> archiving your recordings when disk space starts to get low.
As I've stated before, I'm working on a VCD creation plugin for MythTV. Since 
in  VCD format a minute of video is about 11Mb, only shows shorter than about 
70 minutes will fit onto a standard 80minute CDR. For recorded movies we'll 
have to have some method for splitting recordings, but we'll solve that 
problem once I've got the actuall VCD writer routines working and with audio 
in sync.
> I suppose such an option would have to be accomb\pinied by a way of playing
> recordings from an external medium as well...
Someone already posted an easy method of playing DVD/VCD disks as extra 
buttons in the XML menus, since MythTV is primarily aiming at being a set-top 
box rather than an Mplayer alternative I don't see the need to play other 
formats than the native Myth'd nuv files. If you are using MythTV as just 
another TV player app on your computer, then you are better off using Mplayer 
or xine to play other files anyways =)

A side effect of the VCD writer work will probably be a MythTV file reader 
which could be used to create plugins for Mplayer or Xine should someone want 
such things.

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