[mythtv] Getting read for Myth

Randy Page mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 9 Nov 2002 15:02:17 -0700

On Saturday 09 November 2002 01:52 pm, Jeremy Oddo wrote:

What distro are you running?


> WOW!  I gotta say, this is by far the WORST install I've ever had to go
> thru.  Keep in mind that I'm not even to the MythTV stuff yet!  MythTV has
> some requirements...and those requirements have requirements...and so on,
> and so on.
> Has anyone found any DECENT information on getting a WinTV (bttv) card
> drivers installed?  Do I need to rebuild the kernel for module support?
> How the hell do I do that?!
> I was compiling a list of steps I had to go thru to install Myth, but I
> gotta say, I'm freakin' confused right now, and I haven't even gotten to
> the Myth stuff yet!  That $200 Tivo is looking pretty good right now :(
> Grrrrr...
> Jeremy
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